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Townhome Tango

Are you looking to join the dance of real estate investing but worried that the moves are too complicated? A townhome may be the perfect partner to show you the steps.

Less is More

Let’s be blunt; perhaps the biggest advantage of townhomes is that they cost less than their stand alone counterparts. A smaller down payment, smaller property tax burden and a smaller monthly payment make townhomes a great way for first time buyers to enter the real estate market. But just because they often cost less doesn’t mean you’re actually settling for less. Townhomes can offer up to 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, spacious living areas. Many townhome communities are offering amenities that used to come with condos, like semi-private pools, clubhouses, gyms and game rooms. Such amenities are also very attractive to renters, making townhomes a great value for an investment property as well.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall...You don’t have to do it all

People have been flocking to Utah at a steady pace for the last decade making Utah one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. We’ve long proclaimed the Greatest Snow on Earth but there’s more to Utah than just ski season; Utah shines in each of its four beautiful and distinct seasons. While each unique season offers different recreational benefits, the changing weather also means you might have to spend more time on exterior home maintenance. Lawn mowing, leaf raking and snow removal can consume the time that should be spent kayaking, hiking or skiing or watching Netflix if you’d rather enjoy the indoor beauty of your new townhome. Anyone looking for a low maintenance property should consider a townhome. They offer an affordable way for new property owners to determine how much home maintenance they want to commit to. They’re also an attractive option for those looking to retire from yard work. Let the Homeowners Association mow the lawn while you meander in the mountains.

Community Connections

Townhome communities are often close. Literally, because the homes share a wall they are close. But instead of the crowded and noisy feelings of apartment living, and the isolation and unfamiliarity in some single-family neighborhoods, many townhome residents report feelings of safety and connection. The shared amenities and Homeowners Association can create a sense of living in a small town, even if you’re actually in a big city.

What’s not to love?

Townhomes have all the best moves. The low costs and amenities of apartment/condo properties, the privacy and space of stand alone living and a small community feel within big city living. Why not waltz into one today?

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